Here I Am Lord

The Power of Buzzwords

Buzzwords are a form of mental prompts that empower you to look to yourself for answers and propel you to action in a positive and proactive way. On this day, Easter Monday, I share with you a buzzword from my book’s Spiritual section. In this section I refer to God and the Father, but in doing so, that does not exclude all the other divine, positive powers of the Universe that people hold close to their heart. May this Spiritual buzzword help you recognize and celebrate the light within you and share it to bring unity and love to others.  

This month’s buzzword is:

Here I Am, Lord

When I first heard the hymn “Here I Am, Lord” by Dan Schutte, it brought me to tears. The beautiful music and touching lyrics moved my soul. This song spoke to me and opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and living. I am one of God’s children. We are all God’s children, and we are here on this earth to be of service to others. We each have unique gifts, and it is our responsibility to find, hone, and share them. Your gift may be providing loving parental guidance, having a dedicated work ethic as a paid employee or volunteer, helping and teaching those in need, or simply being kind to others. No matter what your gift, by sharing it to bring light, love, and positive energy, you are serving God. The buzzword “Here I Am, Lord” is to remind you to open your heart and soul and hear what God is asking you to give of yourself to others.  

Here I Am, Lordby Dan Schutte ~

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