Be the Best Me

Buzzwords are a form of mental prompts that empower you to look to yourself for answers and propel you to action in a positive and proactive way.  Take this buzzword, embed it into your mind, and use it to inspire you to be your best you!

This month’s buzzword is:

Be the Best Me

Every day we have the opportunity to be our best selves. We know what is right and what’s wrong. We know when we are kind to ourselves and others, and we know when we are mean-spirited. This knowledge comes from what we say, what we think, what we write, and the energy we release, be it positive or negative. Know that all of this affects us to the core. I believe that the positive energy we send out to the world fills us to the brim with good and wonderful feelings and feeds us in a healthy way. The opposite is also true. If we choose to send out negative energy, it will grow within us and poison our body and mind and those around us. You can find negative energy anywhere, but it is your choice how you live your life and what you want to feed to your body and mind…so choose positive! When you wake up every morning, say the buzzword “Be the Best Me” to help direct your mind to be the best you. In the evening, think about how you succeeded that day and how you can be even better tomorrow. Continuing this every day will make you stronger, happier, and more fulfilled by being positive and your best self. You will find, when you share your light, love, and positive energy, it will be the greatest gift to yourself and others.

Next month, I will post another buzzword to help empower you and move you forward. 

Please feel free to provide your comments below on how this buzzword has helped or can help you in a meaningful way. Until next month, continue to be positive!  


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