Selections from Sacred Songs


Selections from Sacred Songs are selected songs from the fourth CD Sacred Songs. With the international success we have been receiving, we felt we needed to re-release selected songs from this CD in MP3 format for easy download.

This most precious CD was inspired by a wonderful meeting of Esther and Ben Sanidad whom I met in 1997. This story is truly an inspirational one and is mentioned in Dr. Ben Sanidad’s book Choosing to Live… a book about courage, faith and great love. With their love, support and generosity helped to make this CD a reality.

My ever talented and treasured John Sheard (pianist, producer, arranger—best known as the musical director for the late Stuart McLean’s The Vinyl Café) again produced and arranged this album. I have always believed that when you love a song that you do not want it to end, and so I asked John if he could lengthen a few songs with extended introductions. And so, in only John’s way…’ ask and you shall receive’… John created some of the most beautiful music compositions that still bring tears to my eyes when I hear them. John also brought a new addition to this CD with the engineering talents of L. Stu Young and working at Trubble Clef Studios. It was fun to watch ‘the boys’, as I called them, work their magic in the studio.

I don’t know if it was the combination of the music I was recording, the amazing team of John and L. Stu, or the circumstance associated to this specific CD recording, but I had never felt such a ‘calmness’… such a sense of utter joy, as I did, recording this CD.


As the saying goes "It takes a village..." and so I want to share the team and credit those who helped make this CD a success:



Produced and Arranged by John Sheard

Recorded & Mixed by L. Stu Young at Trubble Clef Studio

Digital Transfers by Matt McKenzie at Kitchentable Media

Mastered by Nick Rawson

CD Designs by Patrick Duffy for Attention

CD Photos by Jen van der Vecht

CD Pressing by Richard Boudreau at Accudub Inc. 




The song listing for Selections from Sacred Songs:

Be Still My Soul (Traditional)

In The Garden (Traditional)

It Is Well With My Soul (Traditional)

Ave Maria (Traditional)

Abide With Me (Traditional)

Whispering Hope (Traditional)

Hebrew Benediction (Traditional)