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Annie's Song



Annie's Song  ~ is one of the songs featured on the CD  'Treasured Memories: Classic Ballads' and due to the  international exposure of this song, we felt we needed to re-release this song in MP3 format for easy download.

I remembered this song, as John Denver hit #1 in the 1970's.  I would sit by the radio and listen, sing, dream, and cry about 'this love' that I hoped for in my life. This specific love song always brought joy to my heart...for I felt it encompassed all that love should be...intimate, gentle, joyful, and loving.

The wonderful and talented John Sheard creates an intimate arrangement with the addition of David Wipper on acoustic guitar. We recorded this song at Casa Wroxton Studio, and it was engineered by Nik Tjelios.  Nik sugggested that we record my vocals with two different microphones at the same time...a very cool idea and he created a unique, sultry sound to my voice...thanks Nik! . N. ..







As the saying goes "It takes a village..." and so I want to share the team and credit those who helped make this song and CD a success:

Produced and Arranged by John Sheard

Recorded & Mixed by Nik Tjelios at Casa Wroxton Studio

Mastered at Cherry Beach Sound by Nick Rawson

Piano by John Sheard

Guitar by David Wipper

CD Designs by Patrick Duffy for Attention

CD Photo by Karl Richter 



Annie's Song (John Denver, WB Music Corp., BMG Ruby Songs)




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